*** Covid 19 *** PHONE FIRST *** 07 348 1000

If you have tested positive for Covid please phone us on 07 348 1000 and we will advise what to do when you arrive at Lakes PrimeCare.
We recommend visitors to Lakes PrimeCare to wear masks. 

We recommend visitors to Lakes PrimeCare to wear masks.

Now recruiting Receptionist and Urgent Care Doctors. Visit our Careers page for more information.

Who Should Visit

If you experience a life threatening medical emergency, call 111 for an ambulance or visit the Emergency Department at your nearest hospital.

For urgent medical care, come see us for a consultation with a Doctor, Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner or Nurse Prescriber. Please keep the Emergency Department at the hospital free for emergencies only.

For general health advice and information call Healthline on 0800 611 116.

Lakes PrimaCare is not a substitute for your regular GP who is familiar with your health history and treatments. 

It does fill the vital gap when you had an accident or urgent medical need, but your regular Doctor is not available and you can not wait for an appointment.

You may be referred back to your GP practice when you need follow up treatment or assessment. If not yet registered we do recommend you enroll with a GP practice for ongoing medical care.

When you become unwell or have an injury while visiting Rotorua on your travels from overseas, or while holidaying or on a business trip from elsewhere, come to Lakes PrimeCare for medical care.  

No appointment required to see a doctor. Just walk in. We are located right in the central city and easy to find on the corner of Tutanekai and Arawa Streets. Lakes Care Pharmacy and TRG Imaging are in the same building if you need a prescription filled or x-rays. 

Overseas visitors with travel insurance may be able to claim back their fees paid to Lakes PrimeCare. We do require payment with the consultation.