*** Covid 19 *** PHONE FIRST *** 07 348 1000

If you have tested positive for Covid please phone us on 07 348 1000 and we will advise what to do when you arrive at Lakes PrimeCare.
We recommend visitors to Lakes PrimeCare to wear masks. 

We recommend visitors to Lakes PrimeCare to wear masks.

Now recruiting Receptionist and Urgent Care Doctors. Visit our Careers page for more information.

Welcome to Lakes PrimeCare Rotorua’s accident and urgent medical care centre

  • for injuries or accidents
  • for urgent medical issues
  • when you are visiting Rotorua and need medical care
  • if you are not yet enrolled with a doctors’ practice
  • when your GP is unavailable

Open every day of the year from 8am to 8pm.
Visit or call us: 07 348 1000

No appointment needed. Just walk in to receive the medical attention you need. Our experienced and qualified team is available to take care of you. Waiting times do vary.

For general health advice and information please call Healthline 0800 611 116.

St John has an excellent First Aid Library.

Click here for advice. 

Here for you when you need us

Lakes PrimeCare is open to Rotorua residents and visitors. Our team of urgent care physicians as well as GPs from medical practices in Rotorua area will take care of you.

You will be seen by our registered nurses on a first come basis. All patients are triaged to ensure they are seen by the doctor in a timely fashion. Priority will be given to urgent cases. Waiting times do vary.

We have a 5 bed observation unit if you need extra monitoring and care, as well as a comfortable infusion room. You could be referred for imaging - available on the premises - or lab tests just around the corner. A copy of your consultation notes will be sent to your Rotorua GP for follow up care. A fee is payable upon consultation.